Goncharenko O. K. International and national law and practice of the protection of women from domestic violence, p. 53-64

The article contains analysis of international legal regulation of issues relating to the elimination of violence against women and domestic violence. Main international docu-ments accepted in the aforementioned sphere have been highlighted. The experience of the Council of Europe and its member states on combatting the phenomenon of gender vio-lence after elaboration and adoption of the Istanbul Convention has been cited. Best practices in preventing and eradicating domestic violence in several European countries have been re-flected. The article includes an overview of current situation with regard to the mentioned problems in the Russian Federation, describes some attempts to overcome them including legislative channels: through the development of a draft law on prevention of domestic vio-lence. It also cites best experience of collaboration between the Russian state authorities, civil society and international organizations in raising awareness and seeking tools to contribute to the empowerment of women. The proposals for improvement of the Russian legislation in the field of prevention and elimination of domestic violence have been provided.
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