Galas M. L. Family entrepreneurship as a resource for improving the quality of life of the family and its employment, p. 126-129

Family entrepreneurship as a resource to improve the quality of life of the family and its employment was the subject of discussions of the II Russian Gender Forum, which was held in Moscow on October 29—30, 2020 at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Moderator and initiator of the Forum, chairman of its Program Committee — Professor G. G. Sillaste, scientific head of the Department of Sociology and Science School “Gender and Economic Sociology” of the Financial University under the Russian Government, a member of the scientific and expert council under the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly, defined the purpose of the Forum clearly — analysis of the realities and potential of the development of family entrepreneurship as a long-term social resource of the Russian economy and the quality of life. According to the scientist, family entrepreneurship is a promising technology for the development of a world of neuter gender entrepreneurship, an effective social practice that allows to combine the efforts and experience of family members in a single business useful for it and society, bringing to the family income, confidence in the future and better the quality of life. However, the expansion of family entrepreneurship requires not only the family initiative, but also consistent support from the state at all levels of its management activities. Discussions in numerous sections of the Gender Forum concerned the problems connected with the ways of improving the effectiveness of family and business activities, strengthening the economic solidarity of its members. organizing the exchange of experience, implementing family projects in promoting progressive economic ideas.
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