Baturenko S. A. Prerequisites of feminist discourse formation in Russian sociology of the XIX c.: M. I. Mikhailov, p. 116-125

The article considers the ideas of the Russian writer, poet and journalist M. I. Mikhailov, that became intellectual prerequisites for the formation of feminist discourse in Russian sociology of the XIX century. Domestic thinkers have contributed greatly to the emergence in Russia of feminism as a social phenomenon and the theory of feminism in
the history of Russian social thought. The specifics of historical and cultural development have influenced the reflection of many issues within the social sciences, including the need to explore the “female issue” in sociology. The author shows that the problem of the position of women in society is markedly expressed in the context of Russian culture and is widely revealed in Russian literature in the works of famous writers, poets, journalists, philosophers, in particular in the works of M. Mikhailov. This article can be considered as an attempt to develop and deepen courses on the history of Russian sociology, it gives an idea of how feminist discourse was formed in classical sociology. The presentation of the problem of inequality, overcoming the dependent position of women and ensuring their rights in Russia differs from the Western specificity. This difference is reflected in the works of M. Mikhailov. The author shows significant influence on shaping the feminist discourse of European scholars, on the one hand. On the other hand, the author describes a revision and critical analysis of these ideas in the works of the Russian writer. The article analyzed Mikhailov’s creativity as one of the components of the process of spiritual and intellectual development of Russian social thought, immediately preceding the emergence of sociology in Russia and the formation of feminist discourse within some leading scientific schools.
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