Firsov M. V., Vdovina M. V. Women in the social protection system: status and job satisfaction, р. 117-126

The article presents the results of our own sociological research on the position of women in the modern social protection system, their status and role functions and job satisfaction, conducted in 2020. Previously this problem was not given enough attention in domestic research. The authors of this work revealed that, regardless of the position held, the status
of women is assessed as high enough by the employees of the system. Role functions range from a manager to an ordinary employee, from a document specialist to a predominantly customer service and caregiver. Women are mainly assigned functions related to the almost «kindred» care of recipients of social services in need of assistance, as well as subordinates. Job satisfaction is largely dependent on wages, working conditions (schedule, climate in the team, etc.), an adequate assessment of the severity of work (working with people in difficult situations) on the part of management and clients, awareness of the social and humanistic significance of the profession. There are certain similarities in the assessments of the interviewed
experts, regardless of their position, and differences in gender (men tend to slightly overestimate women’s work responsibilities and underestimate their level of claims and ability to perform more qualified professional functions, idealize their ability to tirelessly combine work and family responsibilities). read in PDF>>>