Woman in russian society

Korzhova E. Yu. The life span of the abbess Taisiya (Solopova) as a personality with active life position, pp.3-12

Since ancient times in Russia women played an important role in the political, economic and cultural life. Deep intelligence, insight and foresight, diplomacy, patriotism characterize high moral and business qualities of the best Russian women. The second half of XIX — early XX c. in Russia is a time of intense searching in terms of [...]

Krotova M. V. The case of Mariya Gritsenko, peasant woman and communist: silence as protest, pp. 13-21

This article is an attempt to reconstruct the involvement of an illiterate peasant woman Mariya Gritsenko into politics and her behavior during the Great Terror. Besides, the author tries to work it out if a specific strategy of silence could be a kind of protest. The research is based on a limited number of sources [...]

Altaeva А. Е. The formation of female education in Buryatia in the second half of the XIX — the beginning of the XX c. (On the example of the Buryat Mariinsky female school), pp. 22-28

The article analyzes the formation of the system of female education in Buryatia in the second half of XIX — early XX c. Presented is the information on the initiators of the first rural women’s school construction in Siberia. It is known that patron M. M. Asheduev, his wife M. Ashedueva, national teacher N. S. [...]

Kozlova N. N. Women’s question in the political philosophy of the Russian conservative thought of the XIX — early XX c., pp.29-41

The article is devoted to understanding women’s question within Russian conservative thought of the XIX — first half of the XX c., using four dimensions: the methodological, insti-tutional, cultural, civilization. The author analyzes conservative ideas on nature and social roles of women as well as the impact of these ideas on interpretation of such political [...]

Kalabikhina I. E., Mokrensky D. N., Oborin M. S., Sheresheva M. Yu. Economic and demographic development of small cities in Central Russia: is gender aspect important?, pp. 42-63

The main purpose of this study is to analyze the current situation in the economic and demographic development of the population and households in the central Russia small cities, with special attention to the gender aspect. The method of statistical analysis was applied here. Additionally municipal statistics and population census data was made use of. [...]

Ryazancev S. V., Pismennaya E. E., Maksimova A. S., Gafurovа Sh. Sh. Transformation of women social roles in Tajikistan in the labor migration conditions, pp.64-74

The ruling of households in Tajikistan still remains patriarchal. There exists the practice of distribution of gender roles in the society which was established earlier. Active inclusion of women into the process of labor migration tends to enter new behavior models into the social life of Tajikistan, which is not typical of the traditional lifestyle. [...]

Kazenin K. I., Idrisov E. Sh., Imasheva M. M. The relation of migration and fertility: the case of migration of Nogais from Daghestan, pp. 75-88

The paper studies relation of migration for Nogais, a people residing in North Caucasus and migrating from there to other regions of Russia. We focus on migration of Nogais from one republic of North Caucasus, Daghestan, where local fertility is considerably higher than in most other regions of Russia, including those where Nogais move to. [...]

Riabov O. V. “I am so glad I don’t live in America in real life!” The image of the USA in gender discourse of Soviet animation (1946—1963), pp. 88-103

The article based on the analysis of the Soviet animated films of the “Long Fifties” (1946—1963) deals with the role of gender discourse in constructing the USA image. The au-thor discusses how the animation served as a weapon of the Cold War confrontation. Representations of American masculinity, femininity, love, marriage, and family issues were aimed [...]

Chirun S. N., Bobrova E. A. Gender peculiarities of political participation in postmodern Russia, pp.104-115

The article, which includes the main theoretical and methodological approaches to ex-plaining the concept of “gender”, is devoted to the analysis of the current gender specific fea-tures of Russian public policy and political participation. According to the authors, “gender” is not only a scientific category, but also a dynamic and transforming social construct. The authors [...]

Ushakova V. G. , Balan X. A. Women’s political activity in public opinion of the student youth in Russia and the United Arab Emirates: comparative analysis, pp. 116-122

The article presents the data of international studies and comparative sociological stu-dies, for the first conducted simultaneously at Saint Petersburg State University and the University of Sheikh Zayed (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates). Determined are statistical indicators showing not only common to both countries trends in the process of overcoming gender discrimination, equalization of gender [...]