Ushakova V. G. , Balan X. A. Women’s political activity in public opinion of the student youth in Russia and the United Arab Emirates: comparative analysis, pp. 116-122

The article presents the data of international studies and comparative sociological stu-dies, for the first conducted simultaneously at Saint Petersburg State University and the University of Sheikh Zayed (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates).
Determined are statistical indicators showing not only common to both countries trends in the process of overcoming gender discrimination, equalization of gender asymmetry, but also revealing the peculiarities of each country, the complexity and nonlinear nature of these trends.
The obtained empirical data allow to draw a conclusion about trends in gender progress in both countries, despite all the differences in the political, economic, social, cultural context. Women who are currently active in politics and public opinion, generally enjoy the student support. On the other hand, some discriminatory gender stereotypes still exist both in Russian and in Arab societies, and among the younger educated generation.
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