Riabov O. V. “I am so glad I don’t live in America in real life!” The image of the USA in gender discourse of Soviet animation (1946—1963), pp. 88-103

The article based on the analysis of the Soviet animated films of the “Long Fifties” (1946—1963) deals with the role of gender discourse in constructing the USA image. The au-thor discusses how the animation served as a weapon of the Cold War confrontation. Representations of American masculinity, femininity, love, marriage, and family issues were aimed to ensure the animated films’ audience in superiority of the Soviet gender order. In order to delegitimate the USA gender order the films employed the specific possibilities of animation: distorting the bodies’ proportions, picturing the external and internal “Them” in the guises of repulsive animals, using color to juxtapose “Us” and “Them”, and exploiting jazz music as a sign of Americanness.
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