Zorina A. E. Personal resources as a success factor of women’s entrepreneurship, p. 79-91

The relevance of research in the field of entrepreneurship is currently due to unique conditions, namely, successive socio-economic crises. The article analyzes the publication activity on the issues of women’s entrepreneurship in recent years. Presented are the author’s criteria that distinguish the founders of their own successful business. The empirical base of the study is the data of the 27th wave of the Russian Monitoring of the Economic Situation and Health of the Population NRU HSE (RLMS-HSE). The data analysis technique is aimed at identi-fying differences in a number of personal qualities and resources between women who managed to organize their own business and keep the business, and those who tried, but did not succeed. The analysis identified resources that practically do not affect the success of attempts to create one’s own business; distinguishing accomplished women entrepreneurs, as well as resources that characterize women who have failed to succeed in entrepreneurial activity.
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