Vishnevsky Y. R., Didkovskaya Y. V., Zyryanova O. B. Matrimonyal and reproductive attitudes of youth in the context of young family safety, р. 40-55

The article, based on statistical data, secondary analysis of sociological research and the results of the authors‘ own research — sociological monitoring of Yekaterinburg students in 1999—2020, substantiates the need to abandon the hyperbolic interpretation of a number of threats in the marriage, family and demographic sphere. The authors also examine how these threats relate specifically to the behavior of youth.The results of the analysis make it possible to assess the reproductive and matrimonial attitudes of young people rather positively: in the minds of young people, the family retains its importance as a leading value, there is a transformation of the family from a normatively approved pattern into an intrinsic value, a fairly high assessment of the reproductive and educational functions of the family remains, although the role of the family is seen primarily turn in mutual support and joint leisure activities. The article establishes that the current and projected decline in fertility is not associated with the ―deterioration‖ of the reproductive attitudes of the younger generation, but with the consequences of the demographic echo of the 1990s and serious factors limiting these attitudes — the risk of not providing the level of financial situation of the family and living conditions necessary for the upbringing and development of children.
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