Titareva L. D. Publishing industry as a factor of the women's prose development at the end of the XX — the beginning of the XXI c. pp.119-125

The article deals with the analysis of the development of women's prose as a function of changes on the market of book publishing in connection with social changes in Russia since the1980s. The relevance of the article ideas is that the opportunities of the publishing activities were one of the factors in the emergence of such a cultural phenomenon as women's prose.
It gives a detailed analysis of the women writers’ works published in Russia from the 1980s until 2012. The author concludes that at the end of the1990s the events on the Russian book market suggest that there was a steady increase of the role of women's prose and the attitude toward women's literature has changed significantly. So, all that is associated with the feminine creativity becomes a particular brand which is used by many publishers to increase their sales.
The theoretical value of the article is that the author expands the range of cultural studies using comprehensive, systemic and gender approaches in considering the emergence and development of women's prose in Russia at the end of the twentieth century.
The practical significance of the work is that the article considers the publishing as one of the main factors of the women's prose develop-ment in Russia in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
The sources quoted in the article reflect the modern point of view on the problem under study and confirm the author's conclusions that the changes on the publishing market have influenced the development of women's prose in Russia.read in PDF>>>