Smirnov E. A., Roslyakova M. V. Emotional intelligence and gender sensitivity as part of leader’s work: modern approaches, pp. 80-87

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.4.7
The article deals with a problem of utilizing the leader’s managerial resource in the most effective way in the post-industrial society. Here the authors review the essential features of emotional intelligence that is considered a method to effectively manage a high-quality professional team. The authors are also giving proof to the practicability of expanding emo-tional intelligence levels by means of adding a “gender sensitivity” component. A definition is given to the leader’s gender sensitivity indicators that allow forecasting the impact of decisions made by the leader on work performance and social sentiment within the team. The authors of the article eventually come to the conclusion that rational leadership combined with emo-tional intelligence and gender sensitivity might form an effective model for human capital management.
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