Savostina E. A., Smirnova I. N., Khasbulatova O. A. STEM: professional trajections of the youth (Gender aspect), P. 33-44

The article examines gender aspects of professional self-determination of high school students as well as the specificity of girls’ orientation towards technological professions. The methodological basis of the research includes the author’s sociological survey of high school students. The authors underline the low self-esteem level of schoolgirls in mastering the technological disciplines as well as the choice of professional prospects. It is shown that the school course “Technology” contradicts the modern concept of technological education and lays the foundation for gender stereotyping of professions. The research confirmed that boys and girls – being not sufficiently informed about the prospects of STEM-education and STEM-professions – are oriented towards “male” and “female” professions. The authors stress that disregard to this problem may lead to a lack of specialists in technological fields which will negatively affect the macroeconomic situation in the country. The authors strongly recommend intensifying the girls’ involvement in technological education: proposals for educational institutions, universities and governing bodies have been formulated.
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