Rostovskaya T. K., Kuchmaeva O. V., Zolotareva O. A. Evaluation of demographic attitudes by the eyes of men and women under conditions of fertility deficiency, pp. 121-135

Applied statistical studies / sample surveys in assessing the demographic behavior of society are not just an urgent scientific and practical task, but make it possible to more fully
haracterize the reproductive plans of the population, to identify obstacles to demographic development. The article presents an analysis of the results of a sample survey of the population of a number of regions of Russia, on the basis of which the real demographic needs of the population are revealed, gender correspondences / differences in them are characterized. The assessment of the differences in the views of women and men on the obstacles to the growth of the number of children in the family, as well as the motives that induce to postpone the birth of a child. A number of recommendations are proposed to achieve the strategic goal of increasing the birth rate.
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