Ivanova A. E. Gender features of mortality from HIV infection, pp. 106-120

The aim of the study is to establish the gender characteristics of mortality from HIV infection, as well as to identify the socio-demographic context of the more negative dynamics of mortality among women. We used data from the official statistics on mortality from Rosstat, as well as information from the information system on deaths in Moscow (RFS-UMIAS), which is based on data from medical death certificates issued by medical organizations of the Moscow Department of Health. It was found that the sources of more negative dynamics of female mortality are not related to their socio-demographic status, but are determined by other factors. The socio-demographic portrait of those who died from HIV is gender neutral, showing no significant differences between men and women in terms of education, or the frequency of unemployment, or the prevalence of loneliness due to lack of family. The regional vector of HIV mortality in men and women also coincides.
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