Anikeeva O. A., Fomina S. N., Shimanovskaya Ya. V. Social and mental health of older women in the context of the strategy of people’s conservation: new objectives of social work, pp. 88-105

The National Saving Strategy in the Russian Federation is one of the main state social policy documents. It can be implemented in various ways, in particular, by increasing the life expectancy of the older generation. Ageing Concepts and gender characteristics of the ageing process, analyzed in this article, a discourse analysis of social practices in the formation of older women social and mental health made it possible to highlight the typology of the main social problems of this socio-age group. The social work experience with older women and new approaches in this work summarized in the article. The discourse analysis made it possible to conduct a frontal study of various aspects of the older women problems, the conditions for ensuring their social and mental health, to show new tasks of social work practice in solving the demographic problems of modern Russia.
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