Lukyanets A. S., RyazantsevN. S. Women’s situation in Japanese society: socio-demographic aspects, pp. 77-87

The article discusses the place of women in modern Japanese society. It is established that in recent years, the transformation of socio-economic processes in Japanese society has intensified, which consists in a gradual transition from traditional Japanese values based mainly on the family as the main unit of Japanese society to modern, Western-oriented ones that focus on women’s self-identification and self-determination. Analysis of opinion polls has shown that recently women in Japan at earlier reproductive ages do not consider the creation of a family and the birth of children a priority in life. The forecast of the female population up to 2025 is made by major age groups. With the overall decline in the female population of Japan, the number of women aged 65 and older will continue to grow until 2040, due to the demographic aging of the entire population of Japan, caused by a low birth rate and high life expectancy. It is established that the birth rate is decreasing from year to year, and, at the moment, there are no objective factors to change the situation.
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