Popova О. V. Gender aspects of the political career of the Russian subfederal elite: expert opinions pp.21-30

The article comments on data from sociological study «Recruiting of the political leaders to the municipal and regional level in modern Russia: problems of optimization and improvement of the socio-political effectiveness» (2012). The conclusions are based on
22 non-standardized expert interviews and questionnaires assessing importance of various factors for career advancement and compared with ideas of Russian scholars about role of gender and gender stereotypes that affect political careers in contemporary Russia.
The requirements for women politicians at the subfederal level have been considered with regard to possible career strategies and career prospects in public policy. The article shows the relationship between gender and such career factors as age, support of peer leaders, importance of party support and assessment of status position as a «springboard» for further career growth. The experts were leading Russian political scientists and sociologists dealing with local elites and the regional political process. Among them there were no scholars focused on gender-based methodologies, or any variant of feminist ideology.read in PDF>>>