Pankratova E. V., Khasbulatova O. A. The concept of family life quality in sociology: gender aspect, p. 43-52

The article is devoted to the development of the concept of assessing family life satis-faction based on gender approach. Proceeding from the research of domestic and foreign scientists, it was concluded that the definition of the level of family life satisfaction is determined by gender imbalance in the social situation of women and men, which has developed in society. The potential of the theory of resources is used to interpret the phenomenon of family life qua¬lity. The authors substantiate the conclusion that the exchange of resources in modern Russian families occurs in conditions of gender asymmetry in the distribution of family roles. The theoretical and empirical aspects of the influence of gender roles distribution in the family on the level of family life satisfaction are analyzed. The authors concluded that the development of methods and criteria for assessing family life quality should take into account interests and experiences of men and women.
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