Navolotskaya D. I. E. Vinogradova as a public figure: the image of the Soviet celebrity in the press 1935—1936, p. 137-150

This article considers the image of stakhanovka E. Vinogradova as a Soviet celebrity. The analysis of Vinogradova’s representations in the press reveals the features of the Soviet celebrity culture, as well as patriarchal nature of the Soviet society. Being similar to celebrity culture of the capitalist countries in many respects, Soviet celebrity culture did not oppose pri-vate and public. On the one hand, it helped to avoid inequality in relations between the famous stakhanovites and their “fans” and to show the unity of all Soviet citizens as one big working family. But on the other hand, the image of stakhanovka as a minor member of this family proved the preservation of the patriarchal gender hierarchy in the Soviet public discourse.
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