Mitrofanov V. V. The main issues of professional and scientific work in letters of M. A. Alexandrova to S. F. Platonov, p. 86-93

M. A. Aleksandrova’s pedagogical, social and organizational activities in Khabarovsk and Ryazan Teachers’ Institute is not studied sufficiently. The same could be said about warm and longstanding relationship with a prominent historian and enlightener S. F. Platonov and his family: it has never been the subject of any research. Previously unknown — to the wide range of specialists — letters specify little-known pages of the history of the first Ryazan University at the stage of its development; these letters also reveal behind-the-scenes struggle within the teachers’ staff. Some facts from M. A. Alexandrova’s personal life and scientific research during the last years of her life are repre-sented.
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