Kobozeva Z. M. Petty bourgeoise and passport: how the women of the bourgeois class overcame and used “passport dependence”, pp. 132-139

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.12
The article considers such a layer of everyday life of Russian women belonging to the bourgeois class, which was associated with their dependence on their husbands. Such a de-pendence was established through the need to obtain an internal passport, which made it possible to move around the Empire, only with the consent of their husbands. Both the tactics
and strategies of daily resistance of women to this legally provided form of dependence are investigated. The modernizing Russian city and the gradual destruction of patriarchal family relations in the period of widely conducted reforms forced women to actively seek work necessary for survival. This was prevented by the “passport addiction” from husbands and from local
authorities. The cut of everyday women’s bourgeois practices allows us to see how the woman was emancipated from her social environment, using small tactics for adaptations to her social “caste” and family status.
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