Vekilova S. A., Kletsina I. S., Semenova G. V. Professional and family roles of females in the history of multigenerational family, pp. 140-150

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.13
The article presents the results of content-analysis of the stories of twenty four multige-nerational families. The sample included 121 females, who composed the pure matrilineal chains of great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and daughters. The elder generation in-cludes females born between 1870—1900 years, with 30-year interval between each genera-tion. Generational analysis of dynamics of spouse, parental and professional female and male roles was conducted. The research permits to gain the following results. A male becomes the main hero of the family story in the elder generation of great-grandparents, a female beside him is described only through her reproductive function; her marital status is described as a form of belonging. Her motherhood in the next two generations of “grandmothers” and “mothers” acquires the feature of psychological attitude (the children get their names and the essence of the relationships becomes important). The motherhood and conjugality becomes of equal importance and the female does not totally belong to her husband. The female story of “grandmothers” generation contains not only her family roles, but her profes-sional roles too. The “daughters” generation born between 1960—1990 years, is characterized by the significant increase of the professional roles, which becomes more important, than even family roles. The total word score of women story prevails on the same index of male story, and the female becomes the main hero of the family story. The comparative analysis of male and female stories makes it possible to state that despite increasing dynamics of educational and professional female roles there is no real gender equality either in the family life space or in the social one. Females as before mostly belong to family world, and males as before mostly belong to professional world.
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