Kashina M. A., Vasilenko L. A. Fractality of gender relations and the use of gender resource of the public policy and administration in modern Russia, pp. 17-31

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.2
The authors analyze the possibilities of using the synergistic potential of the society which is related to the optimization of gender relations in the society and equalization of the resource availability for the gender groups. The notion of a gender resource is presented as a possibility of social changes which is derived from the inclusion of the task of population’s biological and social reproduction optimization in the activities of the public administration bodies. In the article two forms of using the gender resource are considered. The first form is an extensive (wasteful) one. It means the policy of gender relations conservation and the pro-motion of traditional gender norms. The second form is could be called intensive (increasing). In this case the government will modernize the gender relations and norms. The article reveals the fractal nature of gender relations in the society, the connection of fractals of gender rela-tions, roles and statuses of gender groups with the nature of the use of the gender resource by the public administration. It also substantiates the necessity and conditions for the transition to new fractals of gender relations that allow to intensify the application of the gender resource of the governmental policy and administration.
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