Govorova N. V. Women in the European digital economy, p. 161-173

Digitalization has transformed most aspects of modern life and, against the backdrop of the pandemic, has intensified the problems of European society and economy. This is above all inequality in all its dimensions, including gender inequality in the workplace, especially in the high-tech sectors of goods and services production. Digital technology has transformed the world of work, initiating both opportunities and risks for gender equality. That is why it is especially important to consider the gender aspect in all prospective projects of political, socio-economic and environmental development. The article analyzes the causes of gender imbalance in the European Union labor market in the context of the digital economy, and considers opportunities and resources for achieving gender equality in the labor market. The conclusion is made about promising tools — the wide use of digital technologies to dismantle old patterns of labor market segregation and increase the qualification of jobs in sectors with predominantly female employment against the background of overcoming existing gender stereotypes. read in PDF>>>