Beginina I. A., Ivchenkov S. G., Shakhmatova N. V. Gender stereotypes of provincial youth today: a sociological study, p.19-29

The article presents the results of the sociological survey conducted in Saratov and re-veals the degree of gender stereotypes prevalence among youth. Gender stereotypes of provin-cial youth were identified and measured by means of such indicators as corresponding norms and values, feminine and masculine ideals, status-role dispositions of gender relations and be-havior practices in the course of everyday life. The majority demonstrated stereotypical attitude to traditional role distribution in the family. Real practices are close enough to gender images. Approximately about 30 % of young people showed double-standard attitude. They are inclined to justify masculine polygamy in family and everyday life. Besides the gender stereotype of male friendship superiority over the feminine one is demonstrated, as well. The investigation showed traditional character of youth ideals concerning feminine and masculine essence. In the course of life youth start paying less attention to physical attractiveness; at the same time the importance of such characteristic features as self-confidence in men and faithfulness and understanding in women goes up with the course of time. The dominance of stereotype division in “male” and “female” occupations is pointed out. Every second youth is inclined to evaluate a woman-leader prejudicially. The contradiction between provincial youth self-evaluation of their independence from public opinion and real stereotype nature of more than half of Saratov youth is revealed. At the same time, this fact demonstrates an unconscious character of gender stereotypes of which the subjects of social interaction are not aware and which has a significant reproduction potential.
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