Antyukhova Е. A. Educational environment of a university as a factor of students’ egalitarian consciousness formation, p. 46-57

The article deals with considering the current issues of designing educational environment of a university, which significantly influences students’ egalitarian consciousness formation. The major outcome of this process is successful promotion of gender equality principles in Russian society. The definition of egalitarian consciousness is specified on the basis of scientific sources analysis, its characteristics are worked out, the aims and results of students’ gender education are formulated, efficient organization and pedagogical conditions for egalitarian-adaptive educational environment functioning within a university are outlined. The conclusion is drawn that modern educational environment of a university possesses a substantial developmental potential for egalitarian norms and values formation. These norms and values are sure to define behavior and motivate activity of university graduates. The research results make the ideas concerning a university educational environment key role in shaping
the egalitarian consciousness of students more significant. The egalitarian consciousness is considered to be an important component of improving human capital quality, which, in turn, defines the country’s further progressive development.

Acknowledgments: the study was supported by a grant provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (grant agreement № 075-15-2022-327 dated April 22, 2022).
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