Anayban Z. V. Women’s public societies in сontemporary Khakassia, p. 33-43

This article is devoted to studying the сontemporary women’s unions history of formation as well as functioning in a single region of the Russian Federation — the Republic of Khakassia. At the same time, special attention is devoted to those whose activities in the sociopolitical and cultural life of the Republic, from our point of view, are currently most noticeable. The analysis of women’s public organizations activities in this region has shown that the women’s movement in Post-Soviet Khakassia over the past quarter of a century, despite all the difficulties of formation and development, can be characterized as a significant phenomenon in the life of the Republic. Today the vast majority of them, like before, have obvious social and humanitarian orientation. Despite the fact that almost all women’s societies currently operating in the territory of this region have their own political slogans, their main activity is still limited to helping the needy and socially vulnerable. However, the lack of efficiency and effectiveness of women’s associations is largely due to their lack of integrity and lack of unanimity of actions. In addition, the level of involvement of the Republic’s residents in women’s movements and their socio-professional composition leaves much to be desired. According to our research, the vast majority of women, mainly residents of rural areas, unfortunately, do not take any part in the social life of the region. The empirical base of the study is built upon official statistics obtained from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National and Territorial Policy of the Republic of Khakassia, as well as materials stored in the archives of local women’s organizations. Besides, the results of our interviews with the leaders and most active participants of these associations have been particularly valuable.
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