Aivazova S. G. Gender discourse in the field of conservative policy, p. 3 — 13

For researchers a conservative wave that covered the field of Russian politics became an impulse for reflection about what the field (or space) of politics is and in which way the changing political context turn into metamorphoses in normative political regulations and influential political actors’ discourse. Recently metamorphoses in gender discourse of this field have become most evident in Russia. That is why the author focuses on the following issues: how interdependent in principle are the phenomena of political and gender; peculiarities of women’s participation in political process in the field of conservative politics; reproduction of ontological morality as an unvarying attribute of conservative politics that by definition is aimed at consolidating existing social hierarchies.
Special attention is paid to the analysis of explanatory sociological concepts by P. Bourdieu (habitus) and I. Goffman (display) that describe effective mechanisms of traditional socialization, that is socialization by means of symbolic violence that guarantees institutional sustainability of gender owing to formation and maintenance of certain symbols and images explaining and strengthening — and therefore — producing and reproducing the patterns of domination and submission between men and women.
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