Zulkapil D., Nurkatova L., Giritli Sh. Observance of women’s rights in modern Kazakhstan: sociological analysis, Р. 32-42

This article investigates the problems of the implementation of women’s rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the reasons for their occurrence. As an empirical base for the study, we used data from the 7th wave of the World Values Survey and reports of the World Economic Forum on the Global Gender Gap Index. Moreover, the data of official statistics and normative legal documents, which reflect the issues of the implementation of women’s rights and the maintenance of gender equality, are used in this paper. In comparison with the data of previous years, Kazakhstan is annually lowered in the international ranking on the gender gap index. The problems of observance of women’s rights to economic participation and access to finance, health and safety, education, civic and political par-ticipation are considered.
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