Kozlova N. N., Ovcharova O. G., Rassadin S. V., Vasilyeva E. N. Network resources of young deputies of regional legislatures of the Russian Federation: analysis of public discourse (Women’s segment), Р. 43-56

The purpose of the article is to analyze the public discourse of the network resources of women deputies under the age of 30 who were elected to legislative (representative) bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation from 2016 to 2020 in the context of assessing their political potential. The content of the personal pages of women deputies in the social networks like VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram etc. was the material of the study. The analysis showed that more than half of the young women deputies do not use social networks, and among the deputies registered on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, actual and formal network participants can be distinguished. The authors have come to the conclusion that the majority of women deputies make use of an informative genre in social networks, social problems are articulated, and the discourse of caring for voters dominates. The analysis of the correlation of personal/public aspects in the discourse of the women deputies revealed two modes of their configuration: differentiated and integral. The authors believe that the public online discourse of the deputies is both institutional and non-institutional. The political programs of young women deputies are focused on the continuity of the political course. The authors note the presence of political potential in those young women deputies who actively use network resources in their public activities to solve actual socio-political problems and increase their political capital.
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