Voevoda E. V., Morozov V. M., Karpov V. V. Women-diplomats in Russia: the case of gender disparity, pp.24-35

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.3
The authors aim to study gender aspects of building a diplomatic career and address the factors promoting and hindering career progress of women diplomats in Russia. The article presents an analysis of the results of a survey (2018) conducted at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, which demonstrates motivating and demotivating factors in the process of choosing the diplomatic career by male and female students. The research showed that young women give priority to the possibility of defending the country’s national interests and the prestige of the profession, and the percentage of 3rd-year female students pro-fessing these ideas is higher than that of men. The readiness for disciplinary and performance requirements, psychological and physical stress among female students is lower than among their male peers. But women’s soft skills and psychological specifics facilitate their effective professional activities.
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