Shvedova N. A. Between the baby and laptop: implementation of gender equality policies in the USA (To be continued in the next issue), pp.15-23

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.2
How and to what extent the American democracy solves problems in the context of creating a gender balance and opportunities for gender equality? What is the characteristic of the conditions that favors the functioning of real democracy and its further improvement in terms of a gender approach? The author believes that at present the American women have significant levers of power and influence on the formation of their own destiny, as well as the priorities of the domestic and foreign policies of the state. The last presidential race (2016) clearly revealed the special significance of the gender factor in it, which forms new characteris-tics of political culture in the country. There are clearly pronounced tendencies in the develop-ment of women’s movement in the USA to involve women in the political process and law-making activities, to seek contacts and partnerships within the civil society itself. At the same time, the constitutional rights of women (weakening protection from gender-based violence, reproductive rights, reproductive autonomy, “assault” on reproductive rights, infringement on women’s legal rights) are at risk under the current Republican administration of D. Trump, which is said to pursue the policy undermining women’s leadership.
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