Velikaya N. M., KnyazkovaE. A. Reproductive women rights in political discourse of modern Russia, pp. 25-37

The article examines the specifics of reproductive rights presentation in political discourse of modern Russia and it is based on the well-handled quantitative and qualitative content-analysis
and frame-analyses of collections of speeches of political leaders and official programs of political parties which participate in electoral process of 2016. The main frames are sort out where
gender problems are marked. Dominating if gender political discourse traditional and conservative rhetoric confirm the fact of embodied conservative turn, which accent on differences between
genders in social relationships leading to gender inequality. In political parties programs women mainly consider as the instrument of realization of state demographic policy. Solving of women
problems reduces to motherhood and supporting family. It is shown that exclusion of problems of reproductive health and reproductive rights to the periphery of information public space sharpen
gender oppositions which can lead to radicalization of women movements.
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