Arkhangelskiy V. N., Rostovskaya T. K., Vasilieva E. N. Influence of the standard of living on the reproductive behavior of Russians: gender aspect , pp. 3-24

The relevance of the study of the impact of living standards on the reproductive behavior of men and women is due to the complexity of the demographic situation at the national level, the inconsistency of the reproductive behavior of Russians, the need to develop predictive hypotheses of fertility, as well as identify institutional solutions that can be used to develop new measures in the framework of state programs to increase the birth rate in the Russian Federation. The empirical basis of the study is data from representative sample surveys: sample observations of the population’s reproductive plans, which were conducted by Rosstat in 2012 and 2017, as well as the results of the first wave of the all-Russian sociological study “Demographic well-being of Russiaˮ, conducted in late 2019 — early 2020 under the guidance of Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor T. K. Rostovskaya. The results of the study will be used in monitoring and implementing family policy measures at the micro- , meso- and macrolevels: forming the conceptual and legislative framework for family and demographic policy; evaluating the effectiveness of family and demographic policy.
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