Smirnova O. V. Safety representations in youth: a sex and gender aspect , p. 85-100

Researches of personality (as a subject of psychological security) features are interested in views on security. The system of a person’s views of the world from a security standpoint creates the opportunities and resources with which a person overcomes various adverse environmental influences, and forms his/her idea of self-worth and subjective well-being. The article contains the existing research in the Russian and foreign science on the problem of representations of safety, substantiates the relevance of research on the notion of safety in adolescence. The article contains results of an empirical study aimed at revealing the gender and gender characteristics of safety notion in adolescence. In fact, personal security in youth age is determined by the peaceful situation in the country and friendly environment. Young people talk about the need for an internal state of confidence, although they talk about needing social support. Views on the characteristics of the psychological security are different. They depend on existing differences of the person (accepted and rejected) and necessary conditions (sexual and gender) to ensure safety.
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