Smirnov D. G. Semiotics of the international relations: gender dimension (Stating the problem), pp.60-70

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.6
The article analyzes the semiotisation of international discourse. It is discovered that the current stage of international relations semiotisation is associated with the changing role of gender signs in symbolic politics. The interdiscourse nature of the symbolic identity policy is shown. The system of gender marks is analyzed. Gender is considered as a semiotic category determined by the existence of gender stereotypes and their role in social reality. The main trends of the international relations semiotic analysis and the gender cinematic analysis are revealed. The cinema is presented as one of the gender technologies forming a realistic idea of the behavioral models and practices set by the gender hierarchy. The definition of gender se-miotics is proposed, its potential is shown in the analysis of specific cinematic case of the Cold War period.
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