Khasbulatova O. A. Technologies of gender equality myth creation: Soviet practices, pp.49-59

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.4.5
The article investigates technologies of creation a myth about gender equality in the USSR. Based on the study of documentary, journalistic and statistical sources, the author concludes that throughout the Soviet period, through various advocacy and management techniques, the idea of gender equality was instilled in society, while three social roles were as-signed to a women: to be a worker, a mother, a housewife. Women’s participation in govern-ment was more declarative than practical. The high overload of women with their numerous responsibilities placed them in an unequal social position compared to men who dominated the economic, managerial, and scientific elites of society. This ideology was essentially pa-triarchal, it inspired women and society as a whole with false ideas about gender equality. Technologies of mythologization of mass consciousness about gender equality includes legal norms that tightly regulate all spheres of women’s life, the propaganda activities of party committees, the introduction of censorship over the media, the substitution of concepts about the role of men in the family, appeal to archaic values, manipulation of gender statistics.
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