Samokhina K. I. The abandonments and neglect of children: theoretical and methodological approaches in Russian and foreign science pp. 22-34

One of the most actual problems in modern society is social orphanhood. This research refers to studies of the abandonments and neglect of children in Russia. In Russia the quantity of the newborn abandonment grows every year and makes 0,3—0,4 % of all newborn. The purpose of the article is to consider the main aspects of research made in this field and to define the spheres for the further investigation. The general purpose of the project is to give an explanation of theoretical and methodological aspects of the problem. Although the question of abandonment and neglect of children attracted attention of scholars concentrating on sociological, historical, medical aspects of the problem, one cannot but admit that there remain certain aspects to be studied. Beyond the attention of scientists there are such spheres as the structure and motives of Russian mothers in crisis, their image in mass media, modern features of the abandonments and neglect of children in Russia. Further re-search in this area will show other important aspects of social and culture factors of families in crisis. The analysis of all these factors and reasons will help to develop an implementation of the infant abandonments’ prevention service. In future appropriate technique will be more widely used in social services for families in crisis and children at risk of being abandoned and abused in Russian in PDF>>>