Saltykova D. A. They broke through the “glass ceiling”: women editors-in-chief in Russian media, p. 62-70

Nowadays, regardless of the numerical predominance of women in the media, the course of Russian journalism development is still set by men: 75 % of the general directors and editors-in-chief of the Russian media are men. Despite the de facto feminization of the sphere, the phenomenon of the gender pyramid of power, the glass ceiling, glass walls remain destructive. This paper is devoted to gender inequality in media and women as media executives in Russia, who managed to achieve certain roles in this system. Gender inequality is most evident in the salary gap, the difficulties of career advancement (glass ceiling and walls), and the low representation of women at the decision-making level. The author’s qualitative research on women editors-in-chief of media in 2021 updates research from various years, reflecting the opinions of today’s women editors-in-chief running the social, political and professional media. The article provides a brief historical overview of the topic, current data and expert interviews. The results of the research made it possible to show both the barriers and the advantages that the occupation of senior positions of chief editors in the Russian media gives women. Read in PDF