S. G. Aivazova. Gender aspect of mass policy pp.24-34

The article presents the analysis of gender peculiarities in Russian mass policy. Its urgency is linked to mass policy as the latter to a great extent determines the run of things and state of minds in present-day world. The latest research focuses attention on essential differences in the existing forms of mass policy differentiating as 2 opposing concepts the so called “mass policy” and “citizens’ policy”. The differences appear thanks to new actors who invade the policy field and institutionally transform political process. The new developments take place thanks to a mass involvement of women into politics. They become independent subjects who consciously declare their ability to be responsible citizens. Using this approach the article considers such questions as: what are the peculiarities of Russia’s people — men and women — interaction with the state; what type mass policy is characteristic of political behavior for men and women; does gender influence their political choice; and if so, in which way.
Ultimately the author sees her aim in demonstrating the interrelation of such outwardly different spheres as gender and politics in order to underline the heuristic value of gender as a meaningful category in analyzing mass policy.
The analysis relies upon the data of sociological surveys including the survey held by the Institute of Sociology RAS, Department of Comparative Political Studies, headed by S. V. Patrushev. The survey was conducted as part of the research project “Institutional problems of mass policy”.
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