Rychikhina N. S. Modern trends of women’s international labor migration // Woman in Russian Society. 2020. No.1 . P. 45-54.

In the modern world the majority of the countries aim at enrolment of qualified spe-cialists. This makes it possible for qualified and highly competent women succeed in com-peting at a labor market both at home and abroad. The gender theory of migration considers the independent labor migration of women to be the main trend nowadays. The author carries out the analysis of current trends of women’s labor migration and investigates the last twenty year changes in the following spheres: employment of women, migration geography, motives of job search in the international labor market, etc. Requirements of the foreign companies to selection of experts are analyzed; restrictions at employment of women in a foreign company are brought to light. The importance of policies on the cross-cultural and social adaptation of the women coming to work from other countries – developed by large international compa-nies and aimed at helping to overcome the painful period of getting accustomed to a new workplace and achieving high effectiveness of work in the company — is underlined.
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