Klyuchko O. I., Chekalina A. A., Ioffe E. V., Erofeeva M. A., Sukhareva N. F., Samosadova E. V. Gender transformations in the views of Russian youth, p. 55-69

The article presents the results of an empirical study on the ideas of Russian students representing mega- and provincial cities about gender transformations in the roles and qualities of modern men and women. The respondents’ views recorded changes in the gender roles of modern men and women, expanding the range of their behavior, as well as the need for respectful and responsible relationships. The comparative analysis allowed to draw conclusions about formal and substantive differences of representations depending on a sex of respondents and a place of their training. The results of the study showed inconsistency and ambiguity in the perception of gender transformations: criticality in the assessment of changes of the opposite gender and the idealization of their own gender, lack of partnership and cooperation.
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