Rostovskaya T. K., Khasbulatova O. A., Smirnova I. N. Single mothers in Russian society: strokes to a social portrait, p. 32-42

In modern conditions, single-mother families are quite widely represented in Russian society. Based on a sociological survey and analysis of in-depth interviews with single mothers, the article develops the main characteristics of single mothers’ social portrait. The study showed that the social well-being of women raising a child without a husband can be assessed as problematic. Single mothers are professionally busy, show independence, selfconfidence, take care of children. However, all single-mother families need long-term support from the state for the maintenance and comprehensive development of children. The study concluded that the problem of single motherhood and “uninvolved fatherhood” is of national importance and is directly related to the task of preparing boys and girls for family life.
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