Povetkina N. A., Kudryashova E. V., Ledneva Yu. V., Veremeeva O. V. Women in public finance of Russia and the world, p. 66-81

The authors are considering the gender aspects of the career in the sphere of public finance and in the financial law science. The achieved research results are pointing out to the need for promoting — among the students of finance and financial law — the examples of successful women-financiers. The data on the representation of women in key financial authorities of Russia are analyzed. The authors provide the data on the women’s role in the financial law science in three periods: pre-revolutionary, Soviet and contemporary. Besides, the authors undertake the analysis of the current situation in the financial law science. Among the holders of doctorate who specialize in 12.00.04 “Financial law, tax law and budget law” women constitute 57 %. Doing the research the authors conducted a questionnaire of master degree and postgraduate students majoring in “Lawyer in the sphere of public finance” in the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of Russian Federation. The results of the questionnaire show that not with standing the great potential of women in finance the students are less aware of women-financiers success than that of their male counterparts.
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