Novochatskaya O. V. Rural women: work and leisure pp.15-23

Article is based on the empirical data of the longitudinal research of living conditions, time use and daily activity of the rural population (1975—2005), which was conducted by the Institute of Economics and IE of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science in the Novosi￾birsk region (headed by V. A. Artemov). This is a unique Russian research. Daily activity of the rural population is studied in the gender aspect: allocation of men and women as different socio-gender groups. The accent is made on the analysis of the latest two biseasonal surveys (1999 and 2004—2005) as during this period essential changes in former tendencies of respond￾ents’ values and time budgets took place. In general the changes were positive, connected with some improvement of conditions, life quality and working load reduction. read in PDF>>>