Krekhovets E. V., Leonova L. A. University graduates employability: gender analysis, P.58-69

The article analyzes the problem of Russian graduates employability. Young people make up a large part of the working-age population, are characterized by a high level of labor mobility, and also have a sufficient supply of human and social capital, and opportunities for their further accumulation. Young employees represent a special group at the labor market: low level of experience makes young people vulnerable. Using the micro data of Federal State Statistics Service (results of a sample survey of the workforce, 2012—2015), a statistical analysis of employment and unemployment among young people is conducted. The paper investigates current situation of youth in the labor market and gender segregation. The results demonstrate different levels of wages for men and women, as well as distinction in job positions offered by employers. Particular attention is paid to the problem of ineffective interaction between the education system and the labor market. About half of the respondents believe that their place of work is directly related to the direction of their education. Technical and production specialties are in low demand among young people despite the advantages related to the professions.
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