Kradeckaya S. V. “A freedom was created not only by men”: the feminist movement and the beginning of revolution in Russia, pp. 45-54

The article covers the history of the feminist movement in the Russian Empire at the turn of XIX—XX cс. and its role in the February Revolution of 1917. Analyzing organizational and ideological development of feminism, the author demonstrates that by 1917 feminist organizations had their theoretical and practical potential, which allowed to mobilize a large number of women and implement their political program. The best illustration of the mobilization capacity of Russian feminists was women’s demonstration in Petrograd on the 19th of March and obtaining voting rights for women on the 21st of March. However, the marginal position of the feminist movement in Russia at the beginning of the XX c. and cautious attitude of the authorities didn’t let feminists strengthen and develop their victory in the future.
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