Kolobova A. E. Middle and senior age businesswomen: traits to the portrait pp.51-59

The article is devoted to the analysis of middle and senior age business-women’s socio-economic characteristics in modern Russian society, including: specific motives of becoming entrepreneurs and conducting business after getting retired, interrelations in business-sphere and so on. This kind of research seems relevant taking into consideration a number of factors: it’s not at all easy to start business at that age, in most cases they have to function in unfavorable conditions; at the same time such activities are of great importance both for these women-entrepreneurs and society in general. Some correlations between age and gender factors on the one hand and entrepreneurship peculiarities in the context of Russian society, on the other, are identified. The study of this phenomenon is based on research results (by depth interview), conducted in Saratov in the period between 2008—2014. The author also makes use of other authors’ research results.
The results gained will become a basis for ideas to provide support for el-der people by creating necessary infrastructure in Russia. In modern conditions such an approach is important as the proportion of elderly population steadily grows. The support of the elderly should — alongside with other things — in-clude provision of opportunities for being economically active after retirement.read in PDF>>>