Khasbulatova O. A., Smirnova I. N. Women’s organizations in Russia and abroad: technologies for the gender equality promoting, p. 37-51

The article is devoted to the scientific comprehension of women’s organizations activities in Russia and the countries of Europe, North America, East and South Asia. The goals, objectives and directions of women’s organizations in Russia, England, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, South Korea and Japan are analyzed. The general and specific features of the international women’s activism in overcoming the gender inequality are formulated. The power of the women’s organizations influence over the government’s policy in order to ensure men and women equality is determined, as well as their methods of the women’s activism are identified. It is concluded that the women’s movement is a significant subject of a civil society, participating as a full-fledged actor in the implementation of the state policy to achieve gender equality.
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