Khasbulatova О. A., Smirnova I. N. The social status of women in Russian society (1992—2022), p. 3-19

Based on the materials from documentary sources, scientific works, statistical data, and sociological research, directions for the transformation of the social status of women during the period of Russian statehood from 1992—2022 are formulated. The authors concluded that during the designated period, women’s status positions have contradictory characteristics. The level of general and professional education of women corresponds to a high status rank. In the professional sphere, women have the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activities. At the same time, the majority of professionally employed women have an average socio-economic status. The incomes of the majority of professionally employed women and pensioners have low status characteristics. The level of women’s participation in the fields of professional and public administration corresponds to a low status rank. Thus, over the 30 years of Russian statehood, women’s status positions have acquired contradictory characteristics. The authors formulated factors that can improve the social status of women in modern Russian society, among them: a consistent policy of government bodies to implement the National Action Strategy for Women until 2030, effective activities of women’s organizations, increasing the activity of women themselves in achieving high status positions and expanding the horizons of self-realization.
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